Grunge and Kurt Cobain

What is grotesque about grunge? Review the video on Kurt Cobain and your readings on grunge feminism. Explain at least two elements of grotesque. Reference a video from grunge in your answer.

Grunge is grotesque because it directly confronted some of the social constructs of the time in a very offensive overt way. The first example of this is in Kurt Cobain’s art. Many of the pieces were disturbing and focused on the human body. But it was ore about the human body but also its grotesque abilities, he depicted this by displaying images with bloated distorted bodies and organs. Another example of this is how Cobain decided to deal with his physical portrayal of masculinity. As shown and elaborated on, Cobain would frequently go on stage in a disheveled drag.

Secondly, do you find any similarities to grunge in the art of Cindy Sherman or Sue Williams? What aspects or aesthetics are relevant. Please cite the particular work of art.

The grotesque morphed depiction of the female body is the main similarity between the two artists. William’s pieces, Its a New Age, takes apart the female body and mainly focuses on the sexual aspects. Sherman’s pieces as MoMA show various forms the female body can take without the overt showing of her genitalia or breast. Another similarity is their ability to provoke thought through being relatively vague and confusing. This is important in relating to the grunge movement because it is taking real world issues and throwing it in the public’s face. But as a viewer you must stop and think about the message really was.