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The Beatles, “Revolution”, published August 26, 1968 , Rock. The organization was originally generated from Liverpool, England. John Lennon acts in lyrical expression as a movement , however didn’t endure “anti-establishment lyrics”, avoiding the political and social agenda, overall. Not  to be institutionalized, rather endure a high vibration of peace and freedom knowledgeable to the corrupt conduct routinely in the universe. Hence, to exhort the frequency of love and harmony, towards each other. Yet, mass promotion to violence not sincerely implicating infatuation nor devotion. These lyrics did not only inspire political protests, but display sympathy and empathy at its finest. North Vietnamese Government urged the 85,000 troops to then defeat South Vietnamese. 543 Americans were found killed throughout, and 2,547 found wounded .Occurrence surfaced in regards to South Vietnam prearrangement to claim North Vietnam, once again and things coming to an end.


World War II influenced Vietnam to separate, allowing the southern to be granted back to France. Although this is still known today as, “Tet Offensive”, in the time frame of January 31st-May 30,1968. The essential motive, to displace the invading enemy. During this military campaign “TRUE SOCIALISM” was implemented to the people’s need of delivering and accomplishing for all the people. His unexplained, unquestionable expression with these lyrics was to distribute the courage to visualize the plan.Creator above ALL, and any political formations would not interfere with what was destined to the universe previous. Referring to a verse, “count me out, in” could be interpreted multiple different perspectives. Product to violence, you can never more encounter peace.


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Acculturation is the “cultural modification of an individual, group, or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture.” Acculturation is all around us within the modern day due to the prolonged contact between the culture. Similar but no exactly like assimilation, acculturation can be when someone adapt the view, values, and beliefs and mainstream society. According to the book Cannibals Culture, written by Deborah Root, “Appropriation-Which is to say, commodification and use that overlook both the cultural context and the desires of the people of the culture- is generally possible only in an economic system that is more powerful than the one subject to appropriation. The process of Acculturation mainly was fueled by economic reform and powers. Root’s the author of the book,talk about how the beginning of acculturation was made possible through sell and trades of cultural significant pieces and artifact to other cultures. Today acculturation can be put into relation to almost everything we have as a whole society, from the languages we speak to how people dress.


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Primary Source: Root, Deborah. “Cannibal Culture: Art, Appropriation, & the Commodification of   Difference” 1996

Early American Cinema


At the turn of the twentieth century horror films have forced their selves into our American culture and are now one of the leading genres within cinema and entertain today, Nosfersu is one of the earliest films shown in America that help made this happen.  Recognized as a pure masterpiece of German Expressionism, Nosfersu is a silent German Expressionist horror film consisting of mainly a symphonic monolog made and directed by F.W Murnau in 1922. The 1920s where a time where a number of creative movements in history happened just prior the First World War. At the prime heights of Classical period symphony music played a fitting role in creating the dramatic sounds needed to convey horror from the simplest of nature primarily using tone color. It was interesting to see horror, controversy, and persuasion of fear, being put together without the use of actual verbal dialogue.


The old English style written text throughout the films played a big role and exhibited a spiritualism type theme that was used create an associated fearful environment, for example within the film the concept of demons, angels, and dark forces where introduced an as needed ambiance. Within America, the 1920s were an age of significant social and political change. Some would even say that this is when America became to boom, considering the consumer environment and economic growth within the following decade due to approach, horror films where becoming a trend that has shown to be increasingly more explicit over the years. In the film Nosferatu horror took more imagination to create then it does today, due to the lack of technology than. The use of storytelling of myths throughout the films, such as “werewolf’s roaming the forests”, and the setting suggesting the source of vampires powers saying, “ I have Surmised that vampires can only draw their shadowy strength from the cursed earth in which they were buried.” Gave the film and elusive yet comprehensible background. The movie also reflected its origin of time, considering the act 2 plaque referring to the Bubonic plague and the AIDS that had begin to run rampage during the production time of this film. These movement connected to their relation and time frame within American culture, For example this was post first world war, many troops where leaving home. In one of the first scenes the real estate agent, Brock, left his wife to mentally battling with count Dracula which showed a time correlation.

Nosferatu was made up of a primary European ethnicity, there was no characters of color or any other race. During this time racism and class division was still widely spread, according to Karen Sternheimer in her book Celebrity Culture and the American Dream “movies began in cities as a decidedly lower status, urban pastime and reflected the chasm of class division”. At this time more and more farmers began to move to the cities and modernize in a way. I also noticed that Nosferatu was a male dominated film which sided with the fact the women did not play big roles at this time in entertainment and displayed the work and equality discrimination between the sexes. Later within America social culture iniallly “othered” classes and races where accepted. According to Taum Guerrero and his blog post call Affirmative Inspiration, the term “Affirmative Action” refers to not discriminating base on race in social or educational settings, which did not begin to be displayed in cinema until the 1960s.

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Hist 110 Blog post Affirmative Inspiration

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Hack#2 Film Bodies


The Girl Next Door is a 2007 film directed by Gregory M. Wilson. The film was released on October third 2007, and was categorized as an American Horror film ,and is an adaptions of a novel written by Jack Ketchum in 1989. The tale begins and end around the horrifying results of short lived childhood fantasies between two young boys, and two young teenage girls. Meg the main character, and her sister Susan act and give the film a sensation “Body” Genre, as Linda Williams would say, according to her ” First, there is the spectacle of a body caught in the grip of intense sensation or emotion. Carol Clover, speaking primarily of horror films and pornography, has called films which privileged the sensational “body” Genres( Clover,189). Within the movie, The Girl Next Door, the two boys David and his friend are at the age where hormones are going rampant, and sexual fantasies and ideas are at the for front of their minds. Out of jealousy and envy Meg goes through horrible torment in a dark cold basement and her sister Susan, ends up disabled, and after many ups and downs in the movie, the antagonizor ends up dying at the hands of David. All throughout the film the female body is put on a pedestal, and differently then the men in the movie. Consisting of seductive shots, scene, and even slow-motion skits, of the female body on display. The genre is definitely sexually evoked.



Title of Movie: The Girl Next Door

Director: Gregory M. Wilson

Date of Release: 2007

Main Actor: Blythe Auffarth is an American actress

Source: Williams, Linda. Film Bodies: Gender, Genre, and Excess. Film Quarterly, Vol. 44, No. 4 (Summer, 1991), pp. 2-13.

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The clowns are othered within the circus due to societal stigma of the individual beneath the makeup in costume, primarily referring to their class in society. Regarding gender, clowns where rather render genderless; they make themselves engage with both feminine and masculine traits that also reflects the darker aspects of the American culture. This gave clowns the ability to sustain an unknown gender or race preserving an anonymous character during their performances. Within the beginning of the circus it was quite thrilling for the clowns, too collect currency based off routines or performances to other individuals who just hysterically chuckle from practiced acts. Insanity and erotic behavior weren’t rejected. The circus was the only acceptable place for “ridiculousness”, allowing all who were not accepted into society to participate. This lead to the Reversal of binary ideas of gender in society, which allow the clown to be the mastermind that everyone laughs at, but gets paid from them at the end of the day. #Circus #Gender #Class #myth #Rejected